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Hello! My name is T. K. Goh. People like to call me "TK".  I am from Malaysia. I like to use "magic" to serve my Lord Jesus, telling people about God's everlasting love and His salvation. People start to address me as a gospel magician (Evangelistic Magician or Christian Conjurer). 

I became interested in magic at the age of 10. I started with a few card tricks which I learned from an old magic book found in my father's drawer. Since then, my magic did not develop much because I had been engaged in other business, such as studies and playing musical instruments.

I became more active in magic again since 1998, when I bought a few close-up magic "toys" from a night market during a trip to Thailand, and this provoked my interest in becoming a better  magician. My magic performance has become more and more professional. I now own a considerable collection of magical items, which enable me to perform a variety of tricks and illusions at various occasions for different age groups and audience size.

Currently I am working in Hong Kong. To date, I have performed over 200 public magic shows. The size of my audience ranges from 20 to 700, and includes kids and the elderly. Other than birthday party performances, I have also been invited by various organizations to perform on special occasions.  Majority of the magic shows I performed contained gospel messages. Sometimes I also perform for certain social service organizations, usually with messages, such as anti-drug, E.Q. management messages, and etc.  I am quite linguistic and I can use English, Cantonese or Mandarin Chinese (Putonghua) in my magic performance. I am currently a member of  the International Fellowship of Christian Magicians Inc. and the Fellowship of Christian Magicians of Hong Kong.


If you would like to invite me for a magic show, please feel free to contact me:

---------- Tel: (852) 94602176 (Hong Kong) ---------

--------- email:  ----------

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